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  1. Thankyou!, I still don’t know how to add my 19 year old ADULT son as one of my counted tax returns. It only states, “ Family Head”, ( which is me, and I read somewhere on here that if you change that it will mess future ones up?), then the only other options are “ spouse” or “ dependent.” Well, he isn’t a dependent anymore as he’s an adult. It wouldn’t calculate last time when I entered his 2 T4’s, so I figured it was because I TRIED to put him under as a dependent, but he is an adult at 19. please can you tell me what steps to take to start his taxes, and under what category, once I finish mine, as I don’t want mine messed up after all that work of inputting all my information. Please? Help anyone? Thankyou all! This has been Ufile’s WORST year yet for problems! 😀
  2. Me too! I was going to ask the same question! I have had more problems this year with Ufile 2028, and assistance is pretty much NON- existent! 😡 Aso, it used to say” Add a family member “. Now, the only options are to add a spouse, or add a dependent! i need to do my taxes for my 19 year old ADULT son, therefore I can’t enter his data under dependent? Or do I enter him as “ Family Head”, once I finish completing my taxes? How is anyone supposed to be able to fill out 8 income taxes when you only have the 3 headings to enter the data?? I am almost positive it always used to say “ Add family member.” I have never before had any problems adding ADULT( over the age of 18), members, and doing their taxes, whether they were family members or not. can someone please help me? 🙏🏻
  3. If Ufile would at least provide telephone support for all of it’s customers, our problems would be resolved so much QUICKER, with much less AGGRAVATION AND FRUSTRATION! I have lost count of how many years I have purchased Ufile, and I wanted to buy a Canadian product, but I think it’s ridiculous that such a simple solution isn’t available. I may switch to Turbotax next year. I am having so many technical issues, and I can’t even find a telephone number to call! UFILE wake up and help your customers!
  4. I downloaded the Ufile 2018, then it said an update was available; clicked on update.. “ allow access etc to pc... clicked confirm... only went to 7 % after a LONG time! Updates always only took la minute or so at most. I tried several things, including uninstalling and reinstalling the CD 3 times. I also restarted the PC as the uninstalling instructions stated. I went to website, tried their “ virtual online advisor “. What a joke! Not even any response! Had to type out an email, which I then received my complaint with just a bunch of the same links that I already tried. “ This is an automated response.” This is SO frustrating and I specifically asked in my email, that if possible, I would like to speak with a LIVE person. I had an issue only once before downloading the CD , and it was resolved in minutes with a person on the phone! I have purchased Ufile for many years now, and have never had any issues with updating it. I used to always get my CD in the mail and this is the first year that it didn’t come in the mail, but I received a card stating where it could be purchased; ie: Walmart, Staples, etc, so this is the first year I have purchased the CD from Walmart. I even cleaned it in case the slight dust on it was the problem! Please could I get some help here, from Ufile administration, or anyone out there? I am not too techs, but I have tried everything I think they suggested. I am SO frustrated, disappointed, and to be polite... angry. I was looking forward to getting my information I putted and completing my taxes as soon as possible. I appreciate any help. Thankyou.
  5. My cd installed propeerly at first...all menus were there. Just went back to start it today, and 2 option bars came up, =appears that it didn't install properly, click fix issues now, or 2= uninstall. I tried 3 times to fix with no results! I then un-installed it, slipped disc back in, and now it is aking me to pay again! Please help me! pjowett1961@gmail.com. I will need a NEW disc as this one malfunctioned, and I want the CD. Thanks. Not a happy customer right now. Have never had these issues before.
  6. I was sent a new password from Ufile, because it wouldn't let me log in. It wor4ked to get to this site. How do I change this back to a password I want? Also, I can I check to make sure my email address change has been applied? Where can i GET TECHNICAL HELP???? My CD didn't install properly! Had to uninstall it, not it only asks for the $19.99 again! I have proof of activation. Please help!!!!
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