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    Bretonix got a reaction from Mary Lynn in T4A Box 119 and 135   
    All you need to do is to enter the data pertaining to Boxes 119 and 135 in the T4A page.
    UFile will then take care of the calculations and report:
     - Box 119 on line 104
     - Box 135 as part of the medical expenses of your parents
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    Bretonix got a reaction from malypr in Capital gains and ABIL   
    Could you provide the exact name of the section(s) you are referring to?
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    Bretonix got a reaction from MtnRose in T5008 Reporting in both sections or one   
    Also be careful as your trading summary normally shows Buys as well as Sells.
    Buys must not be reported in your tax return.
    The summary is right in saying T5008 as T5008 is the way to report ALL your transactions to CRA.
    For further information you might want to consult the following publication
    T4091 T5008 Guide - Return of Securities Transactions 2015
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    Bretonix got a reaction from WPinto in RQAP / PPIP   
    It is unfortunate that many T4 issuers do not indicate an amount in Box 56 when they should.
    Use the amount from Box I in your RL-1.
    Note that when Box 56 is blank, UFile will use the amount in Box 14.
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    Bretonix got a reaction from mammasan in Error in Printed PDF Returns?   
    The blank page is in the place reserved for the Quebec bar code TPF-1.U.
    The bar code is not supported in UFile ONLINE.
    If you look at the Return you will see a mockup flagged as Specimen which is used in both Windows and ONLINE products.
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    Bretonix got a reaction from ricodimare in T4A, Box 107, wage-loss replacement   
    In the T4A page locate Other information (Box 028+).
    Click the triangle to see the list of choices.
    Select 107 Payments from wage-loss replacement plan.
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