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T4A Box 119 and 135


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Hello I am in the process of doing the taxes of my parents. Most of it is self explanitory , however I am having trouble with a T4A and the "Öther info""section. Box 119 is Premiums paid to a group term life insurance plan to be recorded on line 104 and box 135 which is Premiums paid for health service plans to be recorded on line 330. 


My only problem is that I cannot find lines 104 or 330 in order to record the info. Wondering if you could put me in the right direction on this?





Terry Vere-Holloway

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  • I am using  the 2018 ufile and in the T4A there is no place to report line 119and line 135  help.  Also I bought the disk and I couldn’t use it in my Mac???  How do I load it. We are doing it on your online but they haven’t asked for a code that we got when we bought it
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In the T4A form in the software, go down to "Other information" - click on the triangle to have access to the drop down menu. From the list, choose the corresponding box. Just below "Footnotes relating to specific T-slip entries and Box 135 (RL-2, Box 235)" - click on the triangle to access the drop down menu.

If you purchased UFile 4 box at a retailer, you should have a code inside the box for UFile Online. You will have to enter that code when you will be asked to pay (usually step 4).

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Quebec resident - Pension income (T4A/RL-2) - Taxable benefits (RL-1)

Since the year 2013, there is a page for Quebec residents who receive pension income and either one or several taxable benefits from their former employer.

You will find this page in the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", by selecting "T4A and pension income" and then, on the screen to your right, choosing the line "T4A - Pension income (RL-2) with taxable benefits (RL-1)".

Enter your pension income at Box 016 and choose from the drop-down menu the type of pension, which would usually be a Registered Pension Plan. Enter also the tax withheld in Box 22 for the federal and Box J for Quebec.

In addition, in the line "Other information (click on the triangle to see the list of choices)" you could enter the amounts of boxes 119 and 133.

For premiums paid to a private health insurance plan, you may enter the premium paid on the line" Footnotes relating to specific T-slip entries Box 135 (RL-2, Box 235)".

On the T4A slip, Box 119 represents the premium paid by the previous employer for life insurance, Box 133 represents a variable pension benefits and Box 135, the premium you paid to a private health insurance.

Relevé 1 - Taxable benefits

In this section, you will find the boxes A, E, J, L and 211.

On the RL-1 slip, Box A represents all taxable benefits, Box E Quebec tax withheld at source, Box J represents the health insurance premium paid by the previous employer and Box L is for other taxable benefits.

The amount in Box 211 is equal to the one in Box A.

These amounts will be carried over by the program to the appropriate lines of both the federal and Quebec returns.

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On 3/30/2016 at 5:32 PM, Bretonix said:

All you need to do is to enter the data pertaining to Boxes 119 and 135 in the T4A page.

UFile will then take care of the calculations and report:

 - Box 119 on line 104

 - Box 135 as part of the medical expenses of your parents

What if you have received a separate receipt for Health & Dental Premiums, as they are not included in T4 due to the nature of your employment? How do I enter that text into Line 330?

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I'm preparing my son-in-law's tax return. He's a Quebec resident who works in Ontario, so he only gets a T4 slip but not a Relevé 1 slip. I understand from the conversation above that I need to enter in box 119 the amount of premium his employer paid for life insurance as well as in the footnotes in box 135 (although he did not receive a T4A slip - he was only informed of the amount of taxable life insurance paid by the company by email). As indicated above, these amounts will show up on his federal return. However, how do I get this to show up on his Quebec return if he only worked in Ontario and therefore did not receive a Relevé 1 slip? I would really appreciate your help with this.

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Hello Myriam,

Quebec resident working outside the province

Your question is: I have worked outside of Quebec in the current tax year, but I reside in Quebec. How do I complete my tax return?

Please follow the steps below:

1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "T4 and employment income", and on the screen, that appears on the right, choose "T4 income earned outside Quebec".

2. Enter the data from the T4 and select the province of employment in box 10.

3. You may have received an RL-1 slip with amounts showing in Boxes A, J and perhaps in Box E. If so, please return to the "Left- side menu on the Interview tab", select "T4 - Statement of remuneration paid (RL-1) with QPP contributions", and enter the data that appear on the RL-1 slip.

4. Enter the amounts displayed in the boxes of your RL-1. Also, enter $0,00 in boxes B and I of RL-1 slip.

5. You will note that federal Schedule 10 will be generated as well as Quebec's Schedule R to consider the differences in rates for both Employment Insurance and the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP).

6. When you click on "Results" tab, you will notice a warning that reads as follows: ''You have employment income that appears to consist solely of taxable benefits. If you received these benefits because of a previous employment... ''. Ignore this warning.

7. The federal tax transfer for residents of Quebec on line 43800 of the federal tax return, which represents 45% of the amount in Box 22 of the T4 slip, will be carried over by the program.

For Quebec, line 101 represents the sum of the amount from Box 14 of the T4 slip and the amount from Box A of the RL-1 slip.

Line 454 of the Quebec tax return (TP1) is equal to line 43800 of the federal tax return.

By default, the program will transfer 45% of federal tax to line 454 in Quebec. If you wish to change this amount, return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and at the bottom of the page "T4 - Statement of Remuneration Paid" and go to the line "Amount of federal tax to transfer to Quebec" if you want the transfer tax to be less than 45% enter the amount you want to transfer to Québec.

NOTE: If you did not receive an RL-1 slip from your employer, but he has paid the health insurance premium, this amount is taxable in Quebec. If you have a document from your employers that confirm this, you must fill out an RL-1 slip as if you had received one from your employer. Therefore, please refer to points 3 and 4 of this document.

The program will generate forms RC381 and LE-35 pertaining to the inter-provincial calculation of the CPP and QPP contributions and overpayments.

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Hi there, I am filling a tax return for a self employed individual. I have a T4A with an amount in Box 22 for Income tax deducted. And an amount in Box 48. I know i add the amount on Box 48 to self employed income but do i do anything else with the income tax deducted in Box 22. Do i add it to anything on the self employed area?. Thanks

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Good day,
I am employee of an Ontario company but I reside in Quebec.
I do not see "T4 income earned outside Quebec", nor do I see Federal Schedule 10, nor Quebec schedule R.
What I really want to do is get a value into box 43800, which I will calculate to be 45% of Box 22 in my T4.
How do I "access" box 43800?
Thank you!

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Hello jvalenti,

For a Quebec resident with T4 in Ontario

In Interview 

>>T4 and employment income

T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec with QPP contributions

T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec with CPP contributions

T4 income earned outside Quebec  < - - - SELECT HERE

T4E - Employment insurance and other benefits (RL-6)


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Hello Golfer2023,

In the T4A (not T4A(P)) :

[119] Premiums paid to a group term life ins. plan  [$333.00]   < = = HERE

 Footnotes relating to specific T-slip entries and Box 135

[135] Employee-paid prem. for priv. health ser. plans [$666.00 ]


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After entering an amount in [119] Premiums paid to a group term life ins. plan, I (Spouse A) navigated to the Review section and noticed an MaxBack optimization showing:


Does this mean, since Spouse A is higher income I should claim Spouse B's medical expense?  Am I eligible to benefit from this MaxBack optimization?

When I click here it takes me to Medical expenses, disability deductions section.

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