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  1. Ok, I'm not exactly sure what I changed to make it work, but for those reading this, here are some tips. - We had already changed our marital status appropriately - He is not a Canadian citizen, but I entered under the Immigrant, Emigrant, Non-resident section that his Residency Status was a "Deemed Resident - stayed in Canada 183 days or more" - Under Foreign Income & Property, we selected "Other Income" and entered $0.00 amounts Under my tax return (designated as Family Head but technically no income): 1- In the "QuikClik Navigator", located on the left-hand side of the
  2. Thanks for the info. The only reason I am considering doing it is because my husband isn't getting the LINE 303 Spouse or Common-Law Partner Amount, which I think we qualify for as he was the sole income-earner last year while I was in school. At the moment, it's not being applied. But maybe "MaxBack Refund Analyzer" figures it can't be used? One other question, is there a place for us to enter his world income? the CRA has requested this for his 2012 return and I'm sure will want it for his 2013.
  3. I have only realized after entering ALL the information for my and my spouse's tax files that I need to switch our Family designations. I'm currently the "Family Head" and he is listed as my "Dependant", but I need to switch this around. Is there a way? I thought of downloading our .tax and PDF files as completed so far, and was wondering if I could later upload them, instead of manually entering all the info again. If I'm the only one with an account, would we have to create a new one under his name and then add me as a dependant? Would my previous years files be recognized?
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