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  1. My 2019 Ufile had my spouse and my name automatically loaded from previous years. Today I accidentally deleted my spouse's column. Can I get it back or should I start anew by reloading the 2019 version? What is the most efficient way to do this so that I have all the information within the previous year's file.

    1. Nawal


      Hi Playtime, you will have to reload the 2019 tax file online 

    2. Playtime


      Hi Nawal,

      Thank you for replying to me. I also got some information from Ufile yesterday. Here it is to help others:

      1.Log in, in your account

      2.Open 2018 tax file

      3.Go to the Tax return module and download the file in PDF

      4.Click on Settings on the right top corner and Save and close the file

      5.Log in in your account

      6.Go to 2019 tax year and click on DELETE (please make sure you do not delete the 2018)

      7.Enter your password to confirm the delete

      8.Exit the account

      9.Sign in again

      10.Launch 2019 tax year; it should have the information

      Have a great day. Stay safe

  2. My previously 2014 return was completed jointly, therefore I did not manually have to re-enter the data information for my spouse. The 2015 version of Ufile passes my data but not my spouse’s data. How can this be amended?

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