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  1. Hi all, soon after I posted my issue with UFlie login, in the support community, I got an e-Mail from UFile staff. I replied to that e-Mail providing any information they asked for regarding my account. A few hours later I was provided a direct link through e-Mail to reset my password. I now got access to my account, reset my password and security answers. Hope this information will help others facing similar problem with login. For me, it took nearly 4 weeks, since I originally submitted my ticket. If it take this much time for everyone, I do not know how they will handle it. They could have
  2. Thank you very much. I was now able to access my account and change pass word and add security answers.
  3. I am also having login problems with UFile like many of you. I do not remember setting up any phrase or unique word as security questions. Nor I remember the reference number it is asking. Has been a UFile customer for the past several years. Submitted tickets twice through their website but have not received any reply in the past three weeks. Can anyone provide me UFlile’s e-Mail to contact them directly?
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