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  1. Thank you very much. I really should google it first. Such of transfer is allow. The government is making the tax law so complicated to increase people's work.
  2. I received taxable dividends from Canada corp. I input the amount into my file via interview. However, the amount shows up in my spouse's federal return line 12000. I can not find a way to make it show up on my federal return line 12000. I noticed that my spouse has a federal dividend tax credit now. But the thing i don't understand is how my income becomes my spouse's income. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks a lot. I had another try and found it. It has a box number of "28+". then in the scroll down menu, there is a bunch of choices to pick.
  4. I closed the App and Opened it again. I found the "Other Information", it has a box number of "28+".
  5. If there is a box number missing in the form, I guess the auto fill will fail. For example, in the T4A form, there is no box number for CERB, CESB, and no "Other Information" to add these boxes.
  6. There is no "Other information" in the T4A form. I just updated the UFile today on Feb 24 and I can not add box 198 for CESB.
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