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  1. So I received 2 T4s and a RL-1, I live in Quebec but used to work in Ontario but my office moved to Quebec half way through the year. So I have one T4 (ONT), one T4 (QC) and a RL-1 (QC). When I try to use the Auto fill option, these are the errors i'm getting (see attached). The forms that was auto selected were: 1) T4 which is fine for the T4 (ONT) 2) T4/RL-1 with QPP contributions for my T4 (QC) 3) T4/RL-1 with CPP contributions for my RL-1 (QC). Am I using the incorrect forms even though the program is auto selecting them for me? Should I be using T4/RL-1 with QPP c
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