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  1. Hi Nawal, I have exactly the same problem. I saw this as an old post. Is this problem answered/fixed? The procedure as you mentioned above is followed. And I understand that if one does not qualify for full time university student, then any scholarship above $500 is taxable. However, the question is for full time university student with a scholarship, let's say $6500.00. All $6500 should be tax exempt. So it should not be taxed. Now what happed is this: If you fill the form T2202 and choose "(105) Scholarships, bursaries, fellowships", the exemplified $6500 is taxed as $6000 in the line of 13010. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. Scholarship of a fulltime university student is tax free. More importantly, how do we fix this as a user? please help, thanks. I guess I am asking you this question, because, as shown, you are the administrator. Thanks.
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