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I purchased UFile 2019 last year and installed on one computer and did 5 returns (the UFile version I purchased allowed for 12 returns).  Would like to install now on a second computer to prepare a few more 2019 tax returns.  I still have the activation code but currently do not have the installation cd.  Where can I download UFile 2019 without having to pay extra?  UFile 2019 is available to purchase under "Products" on the UFile website, but it's like buying a new UFile 2019, there is a cost involved.  Don't want to purchase UFile 2019 again since I still have one installation and a few more returns left on the UFile 2019 I already purchased last year.  Where can I download just UFile 2019 (without the activaton code) so that I can install on a second computer and activate it using my activation code from last year?

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