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How do I get to line 31270 Home buyer's amount?


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On 3/4/2021 at 7:44 PM, Grace V said:

I also need to claim the home buyer's credit but when I look to the box on the right after going to "Other Deductions and Credits" there is no "other credits" option to add.  Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you @Nawal for your response to @Grace V 's question but I am running the Windows version of UFile 2020 (version 24.12 Ser/: 178288) and my version is very different from Nawal's picture.  There is no reference to Line 31270 Home Buyer's Amount.  There is no separate box for "Other Credits" distinct from "Other Deductions" as in Nawal's image.  I am filing in Alberta although that should not make a difference since the Home Buyer's Credit is a federal credit.  Thank you for any insight you can offer.


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Hi AnotherUfileUser.

Not sure if this will help. I added in bold type and underline. You may not have gone back far enough to the setup area. I am using Windows Ufile and I can see the Home buyer's amount clearly.

Edited from Nawal's post.

1- On the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", Go to Interview setup, then select "Other deductions and credits".

2- On the page appearing on the right, scroll to the group "Other credits" and click on the plus sign "+" icon located on the right of the line " Home buyers' amount for the purchase of a qualifying home (Federal, Quebec)".

3- On the page that appears, on the line "Are you eligible to claim the home buyers' amount and/or the Quebec first-time home buyer's tax credit? ".

4- If you answer "Yes", you must choose whether you share your amount according to the four choices.

5- If you choose "Claim specified amount", you must enter the amount claimed by your spouse and your amount. If the co-owner is not your spouse, leave the field blank.

This credit can be claimed in whole or in part by you or your spouse.

Please note that if the new home is co-owned by someone other than your spouse, you must also enter the information in the other person's file.

The program will generate the Home buyer's amount at line 31270 of the federal return.

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Thank you for making me revisit the issue @TheTaxSmith.  This issue is that I was completing my daughter's tax return (who was added as a 'dependent' many years ago in UFile but is now an adult - and the person claiming the 'Home Buyer's Amount').  Not surprisingly, UFile only allows the 'Head of Family' and the 'Spouse' to claim the 'Home Buyer's Amount' not a 'dependent'.  Thanks again, mystery solved.

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The issue that I am having is I'm filing for both myself and my spouse. We are eligible and have claimed a specific amount of $2500 for myself and $2500 for my spouse. When we come to the calculations page, I receive the $2500 credit, but my spouse does not. Are there restrictions to how to claim the home buyers amount for married/common law people?

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Hi, I am doing the 2021 tax returns for myself, my wife and my two adult children who are dependents in university and living at home. I can see the option to select Home Buyers Amount for myself and my wife in Other Credits as per the postings above but do not see this as an option within Other Credits for either of our children. Our daughter just bought a house (in 2021) and will be moving into the house as her principle residence in 2022 (within a year of purchase). How can I get the Home Buyers Amount option to show up for her so she can claim this amount for 2021?

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I'm very confused about the co-owner situation.

I purchased a home with two other people. I have no spouse (my co-owners are however each-other's spouses)

Do I put 5000 in the "…portion of the home buyers' amount..." field? Or do we divide it 3 ways? Something else?

And what do you mean by "if the new home is co-owned by someone other than your spouse, you must also enter the information in the other person's file"? Where would I put what?

Bonus points if you can tell me what they should do when they file, considering they each have a spouse and myself as co-owners.

Note: Saskatchewan

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