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Final report after corporation dissolution - sending dissolution certificate online?


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Hello there,


I finished entering the taxes for my corporation's (Quebec-based) final year in existence (made 0$) and I read that one needs to submit the dissolution certificate alongside the final report to the CRA and Revenu Québec. Is that right?


Is it possible to do it online or do I need to mail the tax returns myself with the dissolution certificate at the end? 



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Hello bonjourhitax. This is from the CRA site updated in April 2020. You may be able to send the dissolution notice electronically as there are now better options to get documents to the respective governments rather than using mail.

Corporate income tax

When you want to permanently dissolve your corporation, you should send an application for dissolution to the government body that governs the affairs of your corporation.

You should also file a final return and send us a copy of the articles of dissolution. Otherwise, we consider that the corporation still exists, and it will have to file a return even if there is no tax payable.

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