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Attaching purchased license to a previously entered return


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I had purchased uFile for my 2020 taxes through a promotion that was emailed to me. When completing my return, the system did not recognize my purchase and is requesting payment. How can I match my profile to recognize this previously purchased license?

Also - has any one called the support teams? I've been on hold for 1.5hrs....

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This happened to a friend last year as they were using my computer to file their return. we decided to use another platform for my friend and it took me forever to get the refund for my friend. This year I prepaid and everything worked fine (showing that is was paid) until yesterday afternoon, when my 2020 file all over sudden shows unpaid. Email to Ufile so far not answered. The friend's account from last year still shows already requested numerous times to delete it. In a generic explanation from Ufile it points out that one can have maybe two accounts and this is why the payment shows unpaid on one I wondered at first how can someone have two accounts with one SIN). I checked this out and both accounts show now unpaid.


After more than 10 years I am seriously considering leaving Ufile as this is a small thing that should not have happened now 2 years in a row. I hate tax time as it is but to deal with this issue and the long drawn process from last year just add to this frustration.


I also understand data safety but the CAPTCHA torture every time I log in adds another layer of unpleasantness......

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I am having similar problem! I have a prepaid voucher, I used it and it was confirmed, everything worked and I could go to step 4 and see my "Tax Return" (I am using the online version of Ufile). I logged out and when logged in again, it doesn't recognize my prepaid voucher anymore and asks me to pay again! I've been on hold for like 1.15 hours now and nobody is there to help.... 

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