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Medical Travel Expenses 2020 tax year


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Hello, and thanks in advance for your help.

For my 2020 tax filing, my 12 month period covers Sept. 2019 to Sept 2020.

I had 4 medical trips - 2 in each year, that I am claiming meals and mileage for.

Do I use the 2019 mileage rate for the first two trips (54.5 / km in BC), and the 2020 rate for the last two (52.0 / km )?  Or, do I use the 2020 rate for all, since that is the year I'm filing, even though 2 trips were in the previous calendar year?   Same with meals - in 2019 they were 17.00 each, and in 2020, they were 23.00 each.


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