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"Deduction for Workers" deduction claimed by uFile but I am not eligible (QC)


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Hi everyone, 

I am an employee of a company based in Ontario but I live in Quebec, and as such I was only issued a T4 (and no RL-1). While reviewing the results in uFile, I noticed that the amount of "Deduction for Workers" has been claimed by the software. However, when looking at the requirements, I don't believe I am eligible. According to the req's: "For the purposes of the deduction for workers, eligible income consists of employment income, and net income from a business you run alone or with a partner."

This situation does NOT apply to me, as I am just a regular employee at a large company and my income is not the result of self-employment/business income. 

Thank you!

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Hello iulius88. Are you certain you are not eligible? If you have employment income and live in Quebec you would be eligible. If however the only Quebec employment income is due to an RL1 slip issued for taxable benefits that benefit should not trigger the deduction for workers if you have entered all the data correctly from the RL1. Check the data entry for any RL1 slip you received. It does not matter what province you worked in, only that you were resident in Quebec for the deduction for workers to be applied.

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