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Filing wifes taxes without husbands T4


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Previous years we've always been able to file our tax returns as get them. It's not a big deal as i'm sure i'll have mine in a few days but just curious why this year it wont let me netfile, it says I have to tick the box on your spouses report saying no income to report? can I just tick that box then file my wifes? 

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Hi tenny80. You should always wait until you get all the slips and information for both you and your spouse. The software will then optimize both returns to provide the best tax situation. Many deductions can transfer between spouses. If you don't wait until all the information is entered for both of you then you will end up paying more tax than you need to pay.

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i've never paid more before, it will be interesting to see if my wifes changes when I enter my info in. Our kid has a DTC and that has to go on my wifes as she's the one it's linked to with CRA so maybe that's why. i'll wait though, it's not like its much longer now and i'm in no rush for the money

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