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Bug in 2019 HBP Repayment?


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Hi, looking at my NoA for 2019, the CRA is telling me that I still have a balance owing on my HBP repayment.  Sure that I paid that off last year, I opened UFile and checked the interview and the final return.  Here's what I found.

In the Interview:


in the generated return that got Netfiled:


So the 'Designated Repayment' was not carried through from the Interview to the Return.

Has there been any discussion on this error?  This appears to be the first post in the WFile2019 Windows forum.










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I just noticed the exact same issue and contacted Ufile on Facebook messenger. I entered in my HBP contribution for my 2020 tax return and it did not carry over into my actual return and the CRA website had the amount as $0. I've been doing this for years now and this is the first time this has happened. I just changed my return but I'm not happy that I will now have to pay interest for filing this information late when I entered it in accurately and filed on time. 

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This error is still happening in 2021. I tried using $1700 from unused RRSP contributions previously reported and available to deduct listed in the RRSP section of the Interview but when I assign this as my HBP repayment amount it just gets added to my income and my designated repayment stays at 0. I tried playing around with some of the interview settings and it only works if I take out the $1700 from "Prior years..." and move it up one line in the interview to "RRSP contributions from the first 60 says of 2021" but obviously that is incorrect. I wish Ufile would get their act together and fix an error that has been mentioned here for several years.

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