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Hi @Gn01, To declare this income in Canada, follow the procedure below:

1- On the left side menu on the "Interview tab", select "Interview setup".

2- On the right-hand side of the screen, check the box for "Immigrant, emigrant, non-resident taxpayer, you are a Canadian resident and your spouse immigrated to Canada in the year".  Also check the box for "Pension income, other income and split pension income (T4A, T4A(OAS), T4A(P), T4A-RCA, T4RSP, T4RIF, T1032" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

3- Return to the left side menu on the "Interview tab" and choose the item "Immigrant, emigrant, non-resident".

4- On the screen to your right, choose the line "You were a non-resident of Canada for all of 2020 and you are making an election under s. 217 of the Income Tax Act".

5- On the page that appears, enter the details of your situation.

6- Return to the left side menu on the "Interview tab" and select "T4A and pension income"

7- On the screen to your right, choose "T4A(OAS) - Old age security pension income" and enter the amounts in the corresponding fields.

The program will generate Schedule C, "Electing under Section 217 of the Income Tax Act".

For more information on the NR4, please visit the following link to the CRA website:


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Hi @Nawal,

I am a resident of Canada and I received an NR4 slip from my bank with the following information: income code (box 14) = 61, gross income (box 16) = $X, and an empty non-resident tax withheld (box 17). It also mentions a non-resident account number with my name and payer/agent identification number.

I am finding it hard to incorporate this information into my Ufile account. Could you please help me with that?

Thanks in advance. 

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