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Errors with changed in marital status

No more taxes

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I am filing 2020 taxes for my inlaws and my father in law passed away in April but I am filing together. When I change the martial status to widow for my mother in law and enter change its fine, however, for my father in law, there is no place to say he passed and keeps giving me errors and will only state that its not compatible...

Let me know how i should file? Thx

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Hi @No more taxes, 1. On the ''Left side menu on the Interview tab", select the "Identification" page and for the question "Did your marital status change in 2020?" reply "No change" because the deceased person does not change their marital status;.

2. Still in the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", click on "Interview setup" and on the page that appears to the right, check the box for "Tax return for a deceased person". Also, choose the group needed to complete your tax return and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page.

3. Return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and click on "Deceased".

4. Complete the page by entering the date of death and specify whether it is a final return, if applicable.

In the spouse's file, the program will generate the "Marital status change" in the "Left side menu on the Interview tab".

Enter the required information in the "Change of marital status in 2020" mainly on the line "Change in your marital status in 2020" in the drop down menu on your right, choose "Taxpayer became widowed" and enter the date of death of your spouse.

Also, the program will automatically generate the widowed marital status on page 1 of the federal return .

NOTE - You cannot NETFILE the tax return of a deceased individual, as per CRA rules. You must print and mail it.

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Thank you...

i have the wife as head of family and entered “no change”, for the spouse i clicked tax for a deceased person and entered the date and final return.

but i am still getting error msg


”you reported a change in martial status during the year which is incompatible with your marital status on dec 31”

i think i am missing something 

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Then it must be "Widowed" for the marital status of the Head of family (wife). Then "Change" of the marital status. When you click on next, you will be able to specify the change and the date of change "Taxpayer became widowed". In the spouse's file, you select "Tax return for a deceased person" .

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