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"Your EI (employment insurance) premiums exceed your EI insurable earnings."


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Hello! I'm being prevented from filing due to the error above. I've verified my info according to my employer's T4, and can't figure out the problem. I'm a Quebec resident, so I'm wondering if Box 24 (Fed) and one of the "Boxes" (all in French...ugh) are fighting each other.

I had:

1) regular employment income

2) EI over summer

3) A tiny 1-day workshop that's appearing on my Fed report, not QC, which is odd...it's the same employer.

And...there's a second error related to CERB. I was on straight EI this summer. 

Details attached



block Netfile.JPG

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I think I solved this. I had to manually look up the maximum insurable amount for EI for 2020 ($53,100) and enter it in box 24. In years past, simply leaving the box blank would allow it to auto-calculate. 

As to issue #2, the amount in Box 14 has to ALSO be manually entered in either the CERB field OR the regular benefits field. 

Hope this is accurate, and that it helps someone out. 

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Hi Will555.  You should not enter any amounts for a T 4 that are not on your T4. Entering a max EI earnings from the CRA payroll guide and over riding your T4 will end up with some significant problems in the assessment of your return.

I suggest you review the data entry based on the slips you received and manually enter the amounts as reported.

Not sure but maybe you used auto fill. If so redo all your inputs. 

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