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Receipt for online purchase of UFile for Windows


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Hi, I recently purchased UFile for Windows but didn't get an electronic receipt in my email and I didn't right down the activation keys. I checked my credit card statement and I was charged by Ufile but didn't get a receipt with the keys like in the past. Please send me a copy of the receipt with the activation keys. Thanks.

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@Victochi and including @marc4411 @Jazzman_2000 @EVELYN REID I downloaded the.exe file. I entered Ufile in the search in Windows on PC and the 2020 file is ready to open, but though I didn't get an activation key. I can click on the box that pops up asking for the Activation key and it disappears. I can enter my details and save them to my PC.

I cannot register without the activation key. Maybe I cannot file without it either. I don't know. but I will get started while I wait for UFile to answer my email request for the activation key.

Does this work for you too?

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