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Detailed Method for employee earning a salary


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Employer issued T2200.

I have made all my calculations. Using 9.02% for dedicated office space.

Where do I enter all the amounts I have calculated for Hydro Quebec, Internet, Cell Phone, Maintenance expenses towards a dedicated room used only for work.

My employer is a GST/HST/QST registrant, so I may be able to claim a GST/HST/QST rebate for the portion of work space expenses and home office supplies related to the employment activity. How do I claim this?

Please UFile Support Team or anyone that gets it, illustrate for me where I should input my amounts.

Thank you so much.

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Hi mammasan.

Just to clarify. Are you working from home due to Covid, or due you regularly work from home. There are two schedules. "T777S - Employment expenses for Working at Home due to Covid-19 for an employee earning a salary", and another schedule "T777 - Eligible employment expenses for an employee earning a salary".


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I have the same issue as well where line 12 of T777S in Ufile for Detailed method shows different value from the CRA calculation.

How do I enter expenses paid for the work space only in Ufile so that the amount can go on line 12 of the T777S form?

Here is the summary generated by the CRA calculation which shows $538.21 on line 12. However, Ufile shows $468.17 instead of sum of $468.17 and $70.04.

Summary of the employment-use amount
$538.21 is the employment-use portion.
This amount will go on line 12 of the T777S form.
The total amount of the employment-use portion is based on:

  • $468.17 expenses paid for the entire home and work space

           $2,564.27 × 18.26%

  • $70.04 expenses paid for the work space only

           $70.04 × 100%


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@UfileTax2020 I am 99% confident. Just would like confirmation about Line 12. I think it has something to do with the fact that in UFIle we have to enter the % of the home being used for personal purposes and the CRA calculator we enter the % of home being used for work purposes. In the end if the amount for Line 22900 (total expenses) is the same, I think we would be good. 


I wish UFIle Support would address this!

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