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Principal Resident than Rental Property Sale


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I bought a condo in 2009 for $220,000.

In 2016, I bought a new house with my now husband and moved in with him. I had my condo appraised for $325,000 and rented it out.

I've claimed CCA since with the $325,000 price. My UCC for start of 2020 is in the $280,000 range.

I sold my property on June 1, 2020 for $250,000 so it is more than I purchased it for but less than appraised when I started renting it and less than the remaining UCC.

How do I enter this in Ufile???

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When I enter the CCA for 2020. It gives me a loss of $88,000 on rental income for 2020

That is offset by a capital gain of $23,000 when I enter the capital gain info.

Should I really be claiming a loss of ~$65,000 in rental income because the property went down in the years since rented even though it went up since purchased?

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Hi - i have a similar situation except i dont know what was the FMV when I moved out and started renting.

Bought condo in 2007 for $202k (+ notary, welcome tax, etc) , lived there until 2017. then rented until 12/2020 when i sold it for $370k.

we only know the price increase by $168 in 13 years...or ~13k per year, that means only 3 out of the 13 are subject to capital gains taxes?..ie ~40k.

How i enter all this?

thank you


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If you designate the condo as a principal residence from 2007 to 2017, the exempted capital gains = number of years designated as principal residence plus 1 divided by the years of ownership. So (11+1)/14 =12/14 of the capital gains are exempted from tax. If you complete the T2091 /TP274 correctly, you should arrive at those numbers. Hopefully you filed a change of use form for the condo for 2018 to 2020.

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thank you very much. 1. I have not filed anything for the change of use. 

2. I've just read about "plus 1"...

3. now it remains to be able to put those numbers in UFile...will try this weekend. But I dont see where to put the numbers of years as my residence and #of years as rentals...where is it really?

thank v much


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From the Interview section ‘CRA questions’, you answer ‘Yes’ to ‘did you sell a principal residence in 2020’ and click on ‘designation’. This will open the capital gains forms menu, scroll down to ‘personal use’ and click on (+). You are now in the section which will generate the T2091 and TP-274 (Québec) forms. Give the property a name and complete dates (2007 to 2020), price sold, and other requested info ACB (FMV+costs to maintain). As you enter property information, keep an eye on the ‘messages’  window below for errors or warnings. 

Under ‘designation’ from 2007 to 2017. The next line will ask you for change of use under articles 284 - 286 this is probably ‘No’, but study this line carefully.. When the return is generated, inspect forms T2091 TP274 to make sure they are filled correctly. You will need a realistic FMV number, before you started renting. Ask around for comparable properties. Don’t forget to complete schedule 3 for the rental portion of the condo.

This is not your case, but note that when years of designation = years of ownership, only three numbers are required: dates of acquisition and disposition and proceeds of disposition. The T forms are practically empty, and no capital gains appear anywhere in the return. This is normal! Good luck.

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