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Required income for free filing


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What is the required maximum income for filing a free return?  I tried to file my 70 year old room mates tax,  and was charged 20 dollars.  He is on pension supplement and gets

less than 20k a year,  like me on disability.  I get free,  he has to pay 20 dollars,  what's up?  We are both far below poverty level.

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Hello Nawal,

I purchased Ufile from Best Buy good for 4. 

On the box that contains the activation key, it says that I get 4 more additional tax returns for people with an income of less than 25k. Two questions:

1/ Do I have to exhaust all 4 returns before getting the additional returns good for the less than 25k income...?

2/ How do I get the free returns...?


Thank you

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My apologies Nawal.

Your response was not clear to me. Let me see if I understood you correct.

If the Total Income (Fed line 15000 and Quebec line 199) is less than 25k, when the Tax Return button #4 at the top toolbar is pressed, only the free return counter will be activated and will not consume any of the 4 regular returns counter. Is my understanding correct...? 

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