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Error indicating more than 1 business at the same address


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Commission income in box 020 needs to be reported in 2 places (self-employed income and 2125 Commission.  Both require business identification, but now says "The same business or rental property name was entered with multiple business, professional, commission, farming, fishing or rental entries."  This is preventing me from using Netfile.


Thanks for any help with this.


Craig Davis

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Thanks for posting this fix.  I am getting the same error but your fix is not resolving the issue.  I have also tried clearing my cache.  But no resolution.  This is also for 2019.  Any other ideas as to how to resolve this?  Thanks for your help.

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I decided to try the punctuation mark after my business name in the T2125 identification section and it worked. Crazy1 It still had a warning but it also said ready for filing in the Netfile section so I clicked on it and it worked or seemed to anyway. I received a message saying it was filed. So will wait and see. I did my part and filed it!

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I totally feel your pain. Tax time can be such a headache, especially when we run into issues like this. I've been in the same boat before, but thankfully I was able to get some personalized merger assistance from some professional advisors. They really helped me navigate the process and figure out the best way to report my commission income. It sounds like you're dealing with a bit of a hiccup, though. That message about multiple business entries is definitely a head-scratcher. Have you tried reaching out to the Canada Revenue Agency for guidance? Sometimes they can help shed some light on these confusing situations.

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