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Could anyone advise how to report Rental Property income in the situation below?

In 2019 tax year marital status: married. Rental Property Income was reported on T776 as 50% share owned by each spouse. 

In 2020 tax year marital status was change to separated. No official documents from lawyer "for whom belong what and ect.", only verbal agreement between both of spouses.   Ex-husband is only the person who collected whole income from rental property and  he is also only the person who carried all the expenses.

Could the percentage of rental property ownership for tax purpose be changed to co-owner 100%? or

What is the best way to handle this situation?



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Hi Tatsiana! To solve this issue, you need to contact a real estate lawyer. And it would be better if you had documentary evidence of separation from your spouse. I recommend the website https://ucmjdefense.com/false-allegations-of-sexual-assault-in-the-military-why-are-they-so-common.html, where the articles are on useful topics regarding legal disputes. You may be able to find some important information there for you. But most likely, you need to hire a lawyer.

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