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UFile AutoFill Fails with BMO Partner Sign-in via CRA


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I have UFile 12 for Windows for the 2020 year tax return.  It is updated to the latest version 24.20.  I am running Internet Explorer 11, with all TLS and SSL settings enabled.  I have already used autofill for several other returns with no problems:

1) Autofill using CRA Login works

2) Autofill using RBC (Royal Bank) works

3) Autofill using CIBC works

4) Autofill using BMO fails with "Oops wrong login or password" error.  You can close UFile, open Internet Explorer 11 separately, and login to BMO with the same credentials just fine.  You can also open Internet Explorer 11 separately, login in to CRA using BMO as a Partner sign-in just fine.  It just fails when IE is launched from within UFile.

The fact that the autofill works with other banks means that my settings are correct in terms of compatibility.    It only fails with BMO/CRA, and only logging in within UFile.  I suspect it is a coding problem with the UFile application.  It is launching IE in such a way that prevents login to BMO.

I have looked through the forum for solutions.  There are some that suggested upgrading the Ufile version.  There is one that suggested resetting IE to its default settings.

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UPDATE:  Managed to work around it by using CIBC partner sign-in.  I had to wait a week an a half for the CRA verification though.

UFile has a new update for version 24.21.  Maybe they fixed it?  There's no point of me trying it since I have a workaround.

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I tried everything, removing IE, using edge, chrome, Firefox. UFILE ONLY USES IE! 

BMO doesn't use IE! 

I modified the Advanced settings in IE to add SSL3 and other support. 

I modified EDGE settings, when to use Edge vs IE. 

THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! This is the last year I am using UFILE (I have been a loyal customer since 2004)!!! The LACK OF SUPPORT is disappointing! 

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