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Renovation Credits (Where to Input the total in Ufile for Windows)?


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I have made some repairs (renos) to my bathroom by getting some grab bars installed and I believe this can be claimed in the 2020 Taxes as Renovation Credits for Seniors. I tried to search within the software but was unable to get the location where I can input this.

Appreciate if someone can help me to clarify how and where I can apply the expense.


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Hi @KarimKassam, To claim this credit, please follow the procedure below:

1. On the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" select "Medical, disability, caregiver".

2. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the plus sign "+" icon to the right of the line "Home accessibility expenses (line 31285)".

3. In the page that appears, on the line "Select how you want to claim the Federal Home Accessibility credit", enter the "Claim specified amount" option in the drop-down menu. non-refundable tax credit required to equal the taxable income of the "Qualifying individual".

4. Subsequently complete the "Home Renovation Expenses" section.

Warning: make sure to enter the date of the renovation work as per the following format "DD-MM-YYYY", because the system will validate the information based on the starting date of the program.

Enter the amount claimed by the "Qualifying individual".

Attention: If you wish to share this credit with the "Eligible individual" it is not necessary to complete the last section,

Note: If you answer "Yes" to the question "Is this expense an allowable federal medical expense?" this amount will be reported by the program in the medical expenses' section. No need to enter it manually in the "Medical and disability" section.

You can check eligible medical expenses at the following link:


For Residents of Quebec, if you wish, you can claim these expenses as medical expenses, if they are eligible in Quebec.

For more information, consult the Revenu Québec website at the following link:


The non-refundable credit will be carried forward by the program at line 31285 of step 5 on the federal return, in addition, Schedule 12 will be generated by the program.

On the "Eligible Individual" file, you must also enter all the information on the page entitled "Home Accessibility Expenses".

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I was very confused about the how you want to claim option. When I let it default to claim my own it still claimed it on my spouse's return. I tried other options to see what ufile would do. Choosing spouse to claim also claimed it on my spouse. However even though both options claimed it on my spouse, I got two different calculations and results. Ufile changed other claims between us and the amount of split pension. I set up a spreadsheet to manually calculate my taxes and I also found that the split pension was not the optimum amount. So I tried to override the split pension amount. Ufile then changed other claims and the results were worse. When I manually changed those other claims back to what Ufile had before then I got the better result with my amount for split pension.

Bottom line Maxback is not working. I have been relying on it for many years now and I am worried that it has been costing $ instead of saving money. Maybe that's a different topic but it all started with the home accessibility claim.

Our (spouse and me) returns include pension income, charitable donations and infirm senior dependent with OAS and CPP income and medical expenses

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What happens if I answer "No" to the question?

Note: If you answer "Yes" to the question "Is this expense an allowable federal medical expense?" this amount will be reported by the program in the medical expenses' section. No need to enter it manually in the "Medical and disability" section.

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