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Caregiver Claim Credit


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My wife and I live together in Ontario jointly owned home.   She has a disability, recognized and approved by CRA in years past.   She is eligible and receives disability credit.

I am the caregiver.  How do I, spouse of CRA approved disabled wife, claim caregiver credit?

Thank you in advance 


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I have similar issue for 2021 tax year. I have filled in disability information for spouse and no issues there. Live in assisted living facility so caregivers expense is higher than the maximum allowed but program is asking me to confirm that CRA has an approved T2201 for the spouse on the account for the spouse which I say :yes" to and which CRA does have as was approved late last year and was retro to 2019 so refunds 🙂 were processed automatically for past two years. This is first year that I am entering information in UFile for both disability and caregivers amount but program will not let me process electronically my return, says it has to be mailed even though I answer yes that T2201 information is already on file with the CRA.

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Found out that there is a income level threshold for the caregivers amount and because of exceeding it, am unable to claim. Changed to not claiming and return was processed without issue.
You can claim a caregiver amount of $7,276. Keep in mind, this amount is reduced by every dollar your dependant’s net income is more than $17,085. This means if your dependant’s income is more than $24,361, you won’t be able to claim this credit.

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