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Phone number not letting me NETFILE


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Anyone get this work?  I did try putting in the home phone and leaving the work one blank works fine for my return but not my husbands (joint return) makes no sense?  Tried Chrome, edge from windows system then tried samsung internet from my phone in case it's a browser issue no luck.

tried clearing the fields then changing it to paper file save it and went back in to change it back to ufile still not accepting the darn phone number @Ufile need a fix for this please.



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I had the phone number error also, here is the solution in an email from Ufile that worked for me.

Thank you for contacting UFile support.

REVENU Québec reject for invalid telephone number
If you are getting a reject from Revenu Québec regarding an invalid telephone number, please follow the steps below:
Go to your spouse's "Interview" section.
On the "Spouse Identification" page, answer "Yes but different phone number" to the question “Do you have the same address as your spouse?”
Click "Next" at the bottom of the page.
Enter your phone number in the "At home" field. Leave the other fields blank.
Then try to submit your tax return again.

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