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Income Splitting


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It's driving me nuts ... I have a UK Old Age Pension ... as soon as I enter that, UFile insists on doing a transfer from spouse ... except there's no evidence on my spouse's return that her income was reduced!  Remove that Pension and the transfer goes away.   The crazy part is that to my understanding that isn't eligible to be transferred anyway!

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Well, I moved it from Foreign Pension to Foreign Income section and it removes the spousal transfer which is a step in the right direction.

Now I have other spousal transfers that shouldn't be there or needn't be there!  I am transferring to my wife and my wife is transferring to me the same things! (Age amount)

Next time I'm gonna get the full tax kit on paper to get a better grasp ... the disconnect between Ufile's interview and the actual return is very frustrating!

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Happy you figured it out. With Ufile, the Interview section controls was shows up on the return; choices you make there will determine the final appearance of the return. Sometimes lines are missing in the return, because we didn’t throw the right switches in the Interview section.

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