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How to ReFile when the change carries forward


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I am filing income tax for my daughter-in-law as I have in the past. She comes from Manitoba but married my son in 2018 and became a Saskatchewan resident that year. She also graduated with a degree from the U of Saskatchewan that year making her eligible for a Saskatchewan graduate retention tax credit. Unfortunately, we just noticed this as we started preparing her 2020 tax return.

After contacting CRA, she was told that she could just re-file her 2018 and 2019 returns to reflect the change.

Using Ufile 2018, I opened her 2018 return, made the change and then figured out how to turn on the refile mode to re-file her 2018 income tax with the change.... so far so good.

What I can figure out is how to carry forward this information from her re-filed 2018 return in order to re-do her 2019 return as this Sask Graduate retention tax credit is something you carry forward for multiple years. The form I need to use is RC360.

Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome.


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I think I've figured this out on my own... I see that there is a SK428 form for showing unused amounts from previous years. It looks like I just need her notice of reassessment from her re-filed 2018 return and then I should be able to use that 'unused amounts' form to carry forward on the 2019 (and 2020) form.


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