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UFile T2 GIFI Import Error


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I tried to import the GIFI file I was sent by my bookkeeper. I received the following error:

An error occurred while trying to import your GIFI file. Please make sure that it is a valid GIFI file and try again.

The file name was also erased from the the "GIFI File to be imported" section and the message "A required field was left blank" appeared.

I looked back and found a previous GIFI file that imported without problems. I changed the file name to the same format (GIFI2021.gfi) and tried again. The import failed again!

I tried it in Chrome instead of FireFox. Same error message.

I looked for a sample GIFI file to check the format but was unable to find one.

I see that others have also asked for sample GIFI files. So it seems that GIFI file imports are a problem... And not only with UFile: a search for GIFI turns up issues going back years with other applications also!

Can you please post one here?

Thanks very much,


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