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UFile Miscalculating Quarterly Instalment Payments on Worksheet 3


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My 2020 total tax payable is $4,138 ($3,169 federal, $969 provincial). UFile automatically generated a Worksheet 3 to calculate quarterly instalment payments. However, the numbers used are incorrect, resulting in grossly inflated instalment payments. The system-generated Worksheet 3 incorrectly used $52,577 as the 2020 federal tax payable and $16,077 as the 2020 provincial tax payable, resulting in a gross miscalculation of quarterly payments ($17,164 instead of $1,035). I only have net income of $33,185, so there is no way these figures are correct. Is this a known system error? How can this be corrected or overwritten? Thanks!

UFile Worksheet 3 Error - Quarterly Instalments.jpg

UFile Worksheet 3 Error - Summary.jpg

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