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Changes to entry of CCA expenses?

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Not a Ufile-specific question, hope that's okay! I've been using Ufile for quite a few years now, and in the past when entering my CCA expenses I have always totalled the expenses for a particular class and entered them as a single item. For example, if I'd purchased a few different software packages during the year, I would simply add up the total cost and enter that as a single "Computer Software" item in the appropriate class. This has worked fine as far as Ufile goes and the CRA hasn't complained about it (so far!).

However, with the new Ufile for 2021, I've noticed that the CCA forms ask for the date of purchase of the property. Has this always been there and I've simply been ignoring it? That seems unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility. Having said that, I'm curious as to whether I should be itemizing the individual expenses? If so, I guess the appropriate method to do so in Ufile would be to create a new CCA page for each purchase, and then Ufile would total things up and enter the correct values for, e.g. all Class 12 expenses?


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