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UFILE Windows "free ONLINE family return"


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I just switched to Mac this year and now doing my family's taxes I realized that UFILE Windows doesn't support mac os. However when looking at the UFILE Windows product from BestBuy, I notice on the box UFILE Windows (4 returns) it said "free ONLINE family return - perfect for PC or Mac". I was wondering if this means I can purchase this product and use the ONLINE version for all of my family's return?

I know that the ONLINE version start at $19.99 for the the first member and then extra $ for additional members, while this UFILE Windows retail version is only $23.


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hey joseph.I, I was wondering the same thing. I have using ufile now for 15+ years to do returns for myself and family members, This year I switched to a macbook and can no longer use ufile for windows. I purchase ufile online back on march 26 and did my mothers taxes for her and then went on vacation and today I remembered that I never had my taxes done and figured I better get them done as the deadline is around the corner but I cant figure out how to file my taxes using ufile online without paying for it again.

Did you get an answer to your question?

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