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Carry forward a ufile .u20 return not working


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Reproduced this problem The option for Carry forward a .u20 return just says a pop up "oops something has gone wrong! Would you like to start the support assistant to receive assistance on this issue?" 

I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and I confirmed the software is up to date. 

File name is valid too : Finaltexes2020.u20


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Yes but that was a typo in my message to you, on windows the file selection utility in your software just lets you select the file from teh directory structure, so it is not loooking for the wrong file.


I renamed the file (to do a few test cases to see if I could resolve the issue myself) and no matter the name of the file, the Ufile software doesn't work to carry forward a u2020 return. Please advise..

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I used the link showing a discount, Ufile system crashed and prompted to do it pay again, fortunately I had alerts from my CC telling me a payment was processed!!

Once I logged in my info is not present, so they want me to type all that AGAIN?

 that's the whole purpose of using UFile (!!!?)  and I need my info up NOW

If I have to type that again I want my $ back and will switch to Turbotax ASAP

The worst part is that not even the phones are working at Ufile.. the moment they asked you for info the phone call ends.. it this company out of business?

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