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Climate Action Incentive


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I have claimed the Climate Action Incentive last year, without any issues. It's supposed to calculate automatically but it doesn't this year. I get this message:


I've looked everywhere, Clicked here to fix and I can't figure out why it won't do it. my CMA location is in the box, I've said yes to claim it under the controls.

Can someone help? or is there another issue needing an update?


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For 2021 the CAI is paid quarterly. It is no longer delivered as a credit on your tax return. You need to file a tax return to get it though. An update to uFile that came out this week adds a page at the bottom of the tax return showing you the amount that will be paid quarterly.  This is the source of much confusion and concern for our CVITP clients. Last year a single person would get a $300 CAI credit. If they owed less than $300 in tax then they ended up with a small refund. This year they will have to pay, and then over the course of the year recoup the $300 through the quarterly payments. It's just a cash flow issue, but for people with low incomes it's a problem as the usually don't have much in the way of savings to draw upon.

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Hey there, sorry to jump in on an old thread, but I saw your post about the Climate Action Incentive and thought I could offer some help. It looks like the CAI is paid quarterly now instead of being credited on your tax return like it was last year. You'll need to file a tax return to get it, and uFile recently added a page to show you the amount that will be paid out each quarter. I know it can be confusing, but it's important to take advantage of incentives like this to help combat climate change. If you're interested in reducing your personal carbon footprint, I recently discovered this cool website at https://www.cаrbonclick.com/ that lets you calculate it and find ways to offset it.

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