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Need Help with my Aunt's 2021 Tax Return

Tom Martin

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My apologies if this is not the right section to ask this, but I'm helping one of my Aunts (M) do her taxes this year. She's on Ontario Disability (ODSP) and her Adult Daughter (R) lives with her (which ODSP knows about). Her daughter helps out with the monthly condo fees (My Aunt lives in a condo which is paid for already) by giving her Mom $100 towards the fees every month. 

I completed my Aunt's 2021 tax return vis Ufile.ca online and netfiled the tax return to the CRA already. How can I go about adding that information for her tax return. Also where abouts within Ufile.ca Online can I enter that info?

Sorry if this might be too complex, I don't know anyone else that I can ask.

Thank you for you're help

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