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Payment Page Error (SOLVED)


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I don't know if this is an overlooked bug on the website, but when I attempt to pay to submit my tax return through UFile Online, the billing info page is fine, but then the page where you put in your credit card info continuously reloads repeatedly before I can even have time to enter my info - and it gives a "your card has been declined" error, even though I didn't even put it in? I sent a query request via email days ago but I have yet to receive any response. It still persistently does this today, so it wasn't a one-time bug. How can I properly report this so I can file my tax return? Thanks ūüôā¬†

(EDIT: I managed to figure it out. All I had to do was switch from Chrome to Firefox. I will leave this here in case anyone has this issue, too. Just switch to another browser.)

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Hi.  I had the same problem.  I run Windows 10, and tried everything in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers.  I even disabled all security features and firewalls in various places.  Nothing worked.

But, I tried it on my iPhone 8, in Safari.  Just log in, and pay, it worked.  Then I went back to Windows, Edge, and finished doing all the other tasks. 

So, if you're completely stuck - go to Safari on an iphone to pay.  Maybe it will work on other phones, maybe other machines.

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