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Transfer of eligible retiring allowance to an RRSP.


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Hi there. I have an eligible retiring allowance of $20,000 that is reported on my T4 slip in box 66. When I enter the T4 in Ufile, the $20K from Box 66 amount gets reported as other income on line 13000. The amount was tranferred directly from my employer to my RRSP. So I should get the offsetting RRSP deduction for $20,000. However my RRSP deduction limit, per my CRA account is only $5,407., and I made a regular RRSP contribution to claim a deduction for this amount.

When I look at the help topic in UFile for RRSP transfers, it states for T4 amounts in Box 66: If you entered a transfer to your RRSP from a T-slip, do NOT also enter the amount in RRSP contributions, limits. Otherwise the amount will be doubled up. So I assume that if I enter the Box 66 amount from the T4, it will automatically allow the same amount as an RRSP deduction, but that is not the case. It seems I somehow need to make a manual entry for the RRSP deduction of $20K, yet I see no way to do this. I suppose I could manually over-ride what CRA believes to be my deduction limit of $5,407, and increase it to $25,407, but not sure this is the correct method to follow.

Any help or suggestions is apprciated.


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I was able to figure it out. When I enter the T4 info, there is a field right below Box 66, for "portion of Box 66 transferred to a RRSP". The field is not a numbered box from the T4 itself, but that's where you make the entry for the purposes of the UFile program.  

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