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Moving a RRIF back to RRSP Help


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I was advised to move some of my RRSP to a RRIF.  I did.  In November I changed my mind and wanted it moved back.  Now I have a T4RIF showing the entire RRSP that was moved to a RRIF that I have to claim on my income tax.  I was then sent a Registered Retirement Savings Plan sheet with the exact same amount of money however I do not know where to enter this into UFile.  It is not a bought RRSP it was just money transferred back and forth.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi JaimeM,

What was your solution to this in the end?  I have a T4RIF that I've transferred the entire amount to RRSP and received a corresponding RRSP receipt for this.  Now when I put in the T4RIF amounts in box 16 and box 24, plus the same amount in the "portion of box 16 transferred to a RRSP" line in UFILE, it appears to work out fine; however, I'm now stuck with an RRSP receipt that states I have the equivalent amount contributed to RRSP.  If I enter this into Ufile, it appears to take up my RRSP room and states I have an overcontribution; I feel like I should be ignoring this RRSP receipt as it's not a true transfer.  But am torn as I do have a RRSP receipt.


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