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Bug: Quebec return - schedule K not generated


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There does not seem to be any channels to report software bugs, so here it is:

Using Ufile for Windows, 2021.

This is for a Quebec return for a couple, where both are retired and do not have any group insurance

In the Quebec prescription drug insurance information section, the family head indicates

- he was under the Quebec prescription insurance plan,

- amount of GIS too low to cover the medication

- selects "yes" for "Do you wish to file a joint Schedule K"

When the Tax Return is generated, there is no schedule K being generated
and the amount of line 447 is missing on the return.

See attached screenshot.

Note that I have been using Ufile for a number of years, and there was no such problem in the past.




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After sending this, I noticed the "24" in box 449, which is for "Indian registered with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) or were recognized as an Inuk by that department", It turns out there was box 71 in the T4-RL-1 downloaded from revenue Quebec (with 0 amounts).  After correcting that box, the schedule K was generated as expected.

It turns out the problem was not with Ufile, but with the slips from Revenue Quebec.

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