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Covid-19 Benefit Repayments

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I have a 2021 T4E slip from Service Canada with an amount in Box 26 and the same amount in Box 30 representing what I repaid to CERB. I received a letter from Service Canada today stating that a repayment of the benefit that I made in 2021 for a benefit received in 2020 must be entered on line 23210 and NOT line 23200 as the back of the T4E states. This is a requirement if you are claiming the amount for the 2021 taxation year only. UFile will not enter the amount in line 23210 and gives an incorrect final review because of this. The CRA catches and corrects this in my NOA. Any solution for this available?

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There is an update on UFile.  When filling in the T4E information, there is an additional line between box 30 and 33 title "Repayment of The CERB (this amount is included in box 30) New.  By filling the same payment information from box 30 into this line will trigger a switch from line 23200 to line 23210 (if this is what you wanted).  I tried several time and it worked perfectly.

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Thank you for this. It seems to be working. Would be nice if the UFile help screens would explain this, but AFAIK they're pretty much all just copy & paste from CRA/MRQ's info? (Since this isn't a CRA box, clicking on the linked help screen just generates an error message -- I just tried and realized I _DID_ try the help for that box!). Screen capture attached for anyone having trouble finding this box.

[added: just went to Tax Return and this did fix it, which makes sense. Making less sense is the automated reply to my question to UFile, their suggested topics were Telephone support, Date of birth has not occurred yet, Dependant's address, Address different than spouse's, How to change your email address; I guess "CERB" in the first 5 words of my question was not clear enough!]

2022-04-22 UFile CERB repayment box.jpg

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