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Tuition: Transfer of Current Year Unused Amounts

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When filing a return for a dependent as part of the same Windows UFile file (Family Head, Spouse, Dependent), where the dependent has no income but does have tuition fees on a T2202 for the 2021 tax year, I initially chose "Let MaxBack decide" when asked on the dependent's return as part of the "Transfer of current year unused amounts" the "Treatment of current year unused tuition amount - federal" question.  All appeared to be fine (as the TOTAL refund for Family Head and the Spouse TOGETHER increased in total when the tuition was added and "Let MaxBack decide was selected) but when when I chose "Transfer to family head" instead of "Let MaxBack decide" the TOTAL refund for Family Head and Spouse TOGETHER was GREATER than if I chose "Let MaxBack decide".  This does not seems correct as, of course, less of a refund is not the "Max" outcome.  Has anyone come across this issue?  In our situation the refund was almost $300 less choosing "Let MaxBack decide" versus "Transfer to family head"!

MaxBack Tuition.pdf

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