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Claim RRSP from prior years


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I have been working full time for 4 years and making payments to my RRSP from my paycheck. I did not realize I should have claimed that amount when filing my taxes. This means I overpaid for 4 years. Do I need to resubmit all those tax returns? Or can I somehow claim it all on my 2021 return?




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RRSP contributions must be declared in the year they were made, so if you failed to declare them, you will have to do the adjustments for each of the four years. This is easier than it sounds; you can do it online (CRA My Account) and involves changing a single line and uploading a PDF of your RRSP receipt for each year.
On the other hand, if the contributions were declared each year, but not deducted from your income tax, then for 2021, you can deduct an amount up to your cumulative RRSP ceiling. Your RRSP cieling will be in your last assessment from CRA, or you can find it on your CRA ‘My Account’

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