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Ufile 2021 not Microsoft certified

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I bought this software in Best Buy. I went to Ufile website following the installation instructions. The Ufile.exe downloads but when double click to install a  new window opens indicating the software is not Microsoft certified and sends me to the Microsoft Store. Am I doing something wrong? I have been using Ufile for years and this is the first time I have this problem.

I will appreciate any guiudance.

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I am experiencing the same problem while I install the Ufile 2022, as is caused by the strengthen security policy, that is, only Microsoft  verified software is allowed to be installed on my computer.  I wonder why the ufile company doesn't have its ufile software verified by Microsoft. 




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Hello DanT,

This message is generated by Microsoft because you did not buy it from the Microsoft store. Microsoft wants all the applications to be sold by them. 

UFile is not available at the Microsoft store , therefore this message is generated. Please ignore it. You can still proceed safely and install the program on your computer. 

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I had same problem installing Ufile 2022 - Microsoft-not certified, then it hangs.

To fix the issue, go to system settings, apps, advanced app settings, choose where to get apps = anywhere.

The reason is when updating the system, Microsoft sets default as installing apps from Microsoft Store only. That's why when you install apps which are not from Microsoft Store, it wouldn't allow you. Changing this parameter you are not limited to apps from Microsoft Store. 

Hope that help 


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