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reporting rental income


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I'm reporting rental income from a property for the first time. I'm a co-owner with my husband and we're filing together.  I've added the Rental property income slip and filled out the relevant information. When I go the the Review page I get an error message saying 

The beginning and end dates entered for your business correspond to a fiscal period of less than 365 days (or 366 days for a leap year).
If this was the first year or the last year of operation of the business, blank.gifclick here and specify. Otherwise, blank.gifclick here to revise the dates for the beginning and end of the fiscal period. 

Both links take me to the Self-employment income slip. Does owning a rental property mean that I'm self employed? I don't know how to proceed so I don't keep getting the error message. 

Any help appreciated! 

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If you purchased the property during 2021, then in the Identification section of the property, you have to check the box "first year of operation", then enter the date you purchased the property as the start date of the fiscal year, enter 31-12-2021 as the end date.  If you don't check that box, then you'll get that error.

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