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I am filing my son's tax return for the very first time which i indicated in the interview tab, it got rejected. The message says, CRA records show that he is not filing for the first time. Please see below.  Please help.  Thank you.


March 17, 2022 11:47 PM
The Canada Revenue Agency was unable to process your return. Our records indicate you are not filing an income tax return for the first time with the Canada Revenue Agency. Please go back in your software and ensure you do not identify yourself as someone who is filing an income tax return for the first time and submit your tax return again. If you require assistance, please contact your software provider.
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After correcting all items reported, after attempting to file, there came back the last error report.  It said my Netfile Access Code did not match their records.  I went back and corrected the code typo.  It still will not file my return, reporting the same error,  I am lost as what to do try next.

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