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UFile 2021 Resend File Option


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Good Evening,

                     Need some tech help regarding the Federal Refile option in 2021 software program.After completing my return and sending everything electronically I went back to review my refund status etc and noticed it was much lower than last year.Upon going over my return a time or 2,I noticed that for the RL4A for QPP plan I forgot to include my tax deducted for the Federal and Provincial and put the wrong amount in Box J and left line 22 blank when I had a deduction.I immediately went in and used the resend file in the provincial return and that worked great.Upon going into the Federal resend File the icon was there,clicked on it,made the change but when sending it,got a message regarding " taxpayer is claiming split income amount" when I attempted to send it.If I go back the resend file has disappeared for the Federal but the provincial is okay.So now,my information is floating in cyberspace.Called the CRA but said nothing could be done before March 28.Any help on this issue would be most appreciated'

Thanks Much

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